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[PS4 - NA] In-Game Player Owned Business Registry

Soul Shriven
In an attempt to amalgamate all of the in-game player-owned businesses to make it easier for finding and roleplaying in, I am creating a thread here that can be used for the registration of your businesses. If you have your business set as your primary residence, then other players will be able to navigate to it whilst your shop is open. I'm providing a basic template beneath that will showcase your business and allow others to find you and come roleplay with you:

Store Name:

Store Owner:

Building Name:


General Description:

Business Motto:

Number of Staff:

Looking for Staff: Yes/No

Sample Stock:

Current Specials or Promotions:

Typical Opening/Operating Hours (EST):


Duchess Aieyla Hylesia of Grahtwood
Prime Mystic and Celestial Guardian of Greenshade
Court Wizard of Malabal Tor
  • jarnkoldur
    This is an excellent idea! I am hoping your list shall run shall pages long.
    I shall have to reconsider my home as a business in order to participate.


    I could envision my argonian being a restaurateur. The meals he prepares would be terrible, but at least the coffee would be nice.
    Edited by jarnkoldur on April 17, 2017 10:46PM
    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
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