Returning player looking for someone to play with on a new character. PC-EU

Hey guys, as the title states, I am returning to ESO, just sorted my forum account out so decided to post on here ! Maybe someone wanted to level an alt/twink, we couldjust play together whenever we're both on. Would be great to play with someone as I tend to get burned out solo fast, and I love ESO but it gets a little bit lonely sometimes :neutral:
  • Dillpat
    hey man, i am an officer in a friendly fun guild with regular guild events on the ad faction side for both pve and pvp so even if you arnt AD you can still come on PVE events with us such as trials and world events ect. Our main events tho that are most popular are the pvp events tho such as friday pvp where we go out and have some fun. Normally the group is no bigger than 12 and we no means zerg as we take the time to explain and teach newer players to pvp or the game while we are doing it as well as picking up dolmens and skyshards or lore books ect as a group if people need them although from 8pm gmt till 1 am gmt we rack up considerable ap considering many of the group are casuals, tends to be about 300k-500k an event.

    we also have frequent groups doing dungeons for gear and sets, pledges, pve questing, occasional workshops for classes and specs and friendly helpful chat with master crafters ect ect. wisp or mail me @dillpaat if u want an invite.
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  • Runschei
    Sure thing! Feel free to send either a friend request, mail or whisper (or all 3!!) to @Runschei ingame and I'll gladly hang out with you ^^
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