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TD's Guide to Finding Decorative Wax

I wanted more candles for my house and went on a quest for wax to make said candles, which turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. It doesn't seem to be sold on guild traders very often and when it does it's snapped up quickly. Here's everywhere I've found it.

No longer relevant, as of patch 2.7.7
Foods - just the food itself, sitting out. Sometimes, probably around 20% of the time, grabbing these will also give you 1-3 wax in addition to the food.
    - Bananas - Carrots - Radishes - Grapes - Potatoes - Cheese

    - Cupboards/Cabinets - Apple, Melon, Tomato, and Greens Baskets - Crates, barrels (sometimes)

Apparently you're supposed to be able to find wax from unnamed Sacks but I haven't had any luck. Also I've never found wax from bread, garlic, beets, pumpkins, or meat of any kind.

There's a handful of good places in every major city to find everything. My routine is:
- Taverns/inns. Food objects are often found at tables and behind counters. Also, many of them have cupboards, and the upper floors have a lot of other containers to steal from.
- Castles/palaces, some food objects & cupboards
- NPC houses (the ones you break into), occasionally have food out on tables & cupboards
- Grocer or guild trader stands: Not all cities have grocer stands and not all stands work, but some are specifically food-themed and have lots of food objects. These are sometimes difficult to steal from because they're often swarming with NPCs. Look for merchant carts, stands, or stalls in the general merchant district of major cities.

Thanks for reading, if anyone has anything to add please do so. <3
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  • Daraugh
    I haven't gotten wax from bread or drinks, but it will also drop from the meals on plates! Additionally, the random alchemy bottles can drop alchemical resin.
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  • TwilightDragonite
    Thanks, i'll try that! Edited op with new findings.
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  • TwilightDragonite
    From today's patch notes:
    Made several adjustments to the places Decorative Wax can be found. These changes increase the overall availability of Decorative Wax, and make finding it a more consistent experience.

    Decorative Wax now comes from a wider variety of sources, including insects and other chitinous creatures, wasp nests, barrels, urns, alchemy bottles, cabinets, cupboards, and backpacks.
    Reduced the chance to obtain Decorative Wax from several sources that were dropping wax more often than intended.
    Fruits, vegetables, and meats found in the world no longer have a chance drop Decorative Wax.
    Plentiful Harvest no longer applies to furnishing materials found from the sources listed above.
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  • thrillho5000
    OP, I've gotten decorative wax from killing thunderbugs, scorpions, assassin beetles--in general it seems like insects have a chance to drop wax. Spiders may or may not, but I don't remember at the moment. Disregard, I just read the last post... :#
    Edited by thrillho5000 on April 9, 2017 1:55AM
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