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I'm in search for a PvE/PvP/raid and ACTIVE guild. I'm still learning everything about the game, being only 120cp at the moment working towards 160 as soon as I can. I would like a long-term guild to build with and enjoy the game in the fullest potential.

please reply/mail/PM me about your guild before sending random invites.
ID: @Woopy

Heart of Ayanad [StamSorc]
Soul of Ayanad [MagKnight]
Aegis of Ayanad [MagPlar]
Keeper of Ayanad [MagBlade]
Shadow of Ayanad [MagSorc]
  • TorquedSoul
    I'm starting a new guild, so if you don't mind building from the ground up message me in game or comment in my recruiting thread. @TorquedSoul
  • vamp_emily

    Friendly Dungeon Runners has 500 members, we are active. We have players doing pledges every day, and in the last week I think i've ran 10 or more trials.

    We are noob friendly, and the best part is we have 500 friendly players. If this sounds fun to you contact me in game @vamp.emily.

    This is a pic of a trial we did yesterday.

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