Swallow Soul vs. Crushing shock

Wondering which is better for a mageblade in PVE, I've seen both used. In Vet maelstrom I like the heal from swallow soul but the interrupt from crushing shock could come in handy sometimes. Which is better and why?
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  • Xvorg
    Crushing shock is good for PvP, in PvE is not very useful.

    Regarding strife vs force shock, everything depends on healing. If you use double destro, you need to slot strife for healing. If you use resto/destro, it is not a bad ides to use shock. Better if you are altmer or dunmer
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  • EldritchPenguin
    Force Pulse, if you're running a pure DPS build in PvE. Crushing Shock is pretty useful in vMA, but for group content, Force Pulse is definitely stronger. I'd probably still even use Swallow Soul in vMA, since you'll need all the healing you can get away with.
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  • Tryxus
    Swallow Soul: PvP, vMSA and maybe pledges (depends how your group is set up)
    Force Pulse: PvE
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