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Twice-Born Star set with full divine

Soul Shriven
What are the possibilities of using a TBS with full divine? What would be the best Mundus Stones to use in it? Any way to use this set in a viable way for PvP or PvE ? Any build that can be improved by it ?
I dont plan in using it now, just would like to read other opinions about it or general ideias of how t obenefit from this unique effect.
  • Lynx7386
    Seems like most people use Thief + shadow with it.
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  • Xvorg
    Shadow and thief is a good combo... in fact those are the best mundus you can get for DPSing.

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  • MartinDeShade
    Yeah it is a pity most of the mundus stones aren't balanced, because Thief and Shadow are the best of the lot. It is is a pity a full divine set using Warrior doesn't add up to 300 weapon damage. It would still not include jewelry though.

    I have to wonder though if TBS might make a comeback with the way total weapon damage keeps going up. At a certain point you would be better off with percentage increase with Thief and Shadow than even 400 weapon damage.
  • ThePonzzz
    I use it. People don't really feel it's better than other meta builds, but I find I do better with TBS over proc set damage.
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