Recruit me!

Looking for a guild. I've just converted from XB1 to pc and to be honest I'm struggling with the learning curve of the mouse and keyboard. I've played eso on xb1 a bit so I know the basics but I think there's probably a lot I dont know. I've obviously had to start again with a new character (high elf sorc with the ebonheart pact) so I'm yet to do any PVP and god help me when I do because at the moment I'm terrible with the mouse and keyboard. I'm looking for a guild to make some friends and to help me develop as a player. I'm 26 years old from the UK so if you're interested drop me a message.

  • Mystics
    Hi there,

    Expect a invite to Mystics Guild from me soon.
    We welcome all into our ranks to have more fun together :)

    GM @Mystics = all round Guild with large player base (~475 members)
    Admin @Equalisers = PvP Guild (AD alliance)
    Admin @Dragons of the Targaryens = Trials Guild
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