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Brothers Oath PS4,NA

Currently a small guild whose main goal is to acquire all endgame material for all members. We do vet dailies everyday and have a few experienced members that can help with all content such as farming, vma advice, cp grinding, new character runs through skyreach etc. Our main goal is to get enough people with the right gear and cp to run through trials. We have a guild house where we pvp and help each other with critique on what's done wrong and what could be done to improve. Guild house has a dps dummy to test your dps. We have a group in BAND called Brothers Oath where we organize all our content.
If interested message here or add me via psn KrewX- or you can look us up in band.
  • Kodiak84
    Soul Shriven
    Can you send me an invite. My PSN is K--O--D--I--A--K
  • Lonewolf628
    PSN WildWerewolf1
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