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New to eso looking for guild

Soul Shriven
Just started playing recently and I'm looking for a +18 noob friendly guild, that's willing give advice on builds and skill trees and so on
  • Kodiak84
    Soul Shriven
    What is your PSN?
  • Fyre75
    Soul Shriven
    Fyre75 is my psn as well
    Edited by Fyre75 on March 30, 2017 9:23PM
  • Vindictress
    Good early morning,

    I tried messaging you but your settings is set to where you would need to add as a friend first so I decided to write here. I would like to extend an invitation to Illicitus. We are new player friendly. 18+ and have a dedicated weekly event that teaches new and old players game mechanics, builds and many more things including PvP. We are EST main timezone however, have many who are Mountain and Central. We are casual and are not hardcore members. We have many that are skilled in their class or even overall general builds and skills that would be willing to help you with any questions you may have. We use discord for 24/7 availability through texting as well as the optional and need be voice. We use in game guild voice for events. A microphone is optional so long as you can hear. :smile:

    If you would like to know more, you can message me and I can answer any questions you may have. My PSN is Trisqit. You're more than welcome to message any time. Have a good evening and hope to hear from you soon Fyre.

    Princess Vindictive - Templar - PS4
    Vindie - Nightblade - PS4
    Shyael Aeron - Sorcerer - PS4
    PSN: Trisqit

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