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Are new names containing "nonstandard" characters still bugging out?

I've been playing an avatar since early access with an "æ" in her name. People usually can't whisper or invite her to anything, which was fine when I was only doing solo stuff and not being in guilds or groups. Now I'm working on achieves that require grouping and I'm also doing guild trading, and the "broken" name is a problem. I'd heard that the "nonstandard* characters in name" issue had been fixed, and the game would now recognize these characters properly if I changed the avatar's name, even if it was to the same one. But I find that "in theory" and "in practice" are often two different stories in this game. XD

So, all you players who've recently created or renamed your avatars to have "nonstandard" characters in their names: are you having any problems getting whispers/invites, etc. from random players? (I can usually talk to people on my contact list just fine since I imagine they're automatically going through my account name...but trying to join a random group from zone chat is constant frustration if they don't use my @ name.)

*Just because it's not standard in the States doesn't mean it's not standard elsewhere, darn it. XD

Best Answers

  • Ragnork
    Have problems with that and my "real world" name as Windows 10 used ø in my user name, so I could not take screen shots as the game does not recognise ø... Only started after 1 tam.
    Solved the real world issue by creating a user account with only american english characters - æsj
    Have not solved the ingame issue.
    Edited by Ragnork on March 30, 2017 7:57AM
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  • xSkullfox
    Its random sometime i can get whisperd some times not, if you have a special char inside yet, open a ticket and get a free char rename token cause its ZOS failure, did the same with older chars.

    They should fix it or dont allow it to enter special asci chars.
    The worst part is when it finally puts you in a group, your healer turns into a werewolf, your tank has 14k HP and the dps is heavy armor, using a restro staff and a two handed sword on the backbar. Then comes the 15 minute penalty before the cycle starts anew.

    Rulz of Morrowind:
    • The first rule of Morrowind is: You do not talk about Morrowind.
    • The second rule of Morrowind is: You do not talk about Morrowind.
    • Third rule of Morrowind: Someone yells NDA stuff, uploads images, streams, the game is over.
    • Fourth rule: only invited players can test.
    • Fifth rule: one invite at a time, fellas.
    • Sixth rule: crying or bashing on pts.
    • Seventh rule: NDA will go on as long as they have to.
    • And the eighth and final rule: If this is your first invite at Morrowind, you have to play.
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  • 16BitForestCat
    That sucks! I'd like to rename my character with accurate letters, but not if the game's still screwing it up. Anyone else reading this having/not having problems out there?
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