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[PS4][NA] LF> vMOL/Vet Trial Progression Guild/Group

Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a vMOL Progression Group/Guild as well as an end game Veteran Content Guild and will post my gear/stats below:

- CP 550(High Elf Templar Healer)
- I ALWAYS wear 5 pc Spell Power Cure+ 5 pcs of one of these: Aether, SPC, Worm, Mending, Gossamer, Healer's Habit, Twilight, Master Restoration Staff(Front Bar), Maelstrom Restoration Staff and Maelstrom Destruction Staff(Back Bar).
- I have completion experience in all Veteran Trials including Hard mode for vAA, vHRC and vSO. I have completed nMOL more times than I can count and I have completed vMOL up to the twins.
- I have a Microphone and keep comms clear during fights unless I am shotcalling them myself.
- I am available in the evenings pretty much everyday from 6pm onwards

thanks for the consideration!
  • Cêltic421
    If you're more reliable now I will send you another invite. We could use another healer for our core group. We will be running vet maw soon just have to fill in couple spots in our core group.

    We raid 3 times a week Tuesday Thursday at 8pm Eastern 5pm Pacific. And Saturday at 3pm Eastern 12pm Pacific.

    Remember this is a small guild and we need active members to participate to make this work. If you are interested I'll be happy to send ya another invite. Message me on PSN CelticDude421. We still use BAND for chatting and organization purposes.
    Edited by Cêltic421 on March 28, 2017 11:14PM
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