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Possible local causes for lag and kicks

Lots of players have problems with lag and with getting kicked out to the log-in screen during a laggy period. Further, once kicked out the player often can't rejoin the game because trying to log in generates an error message. Repeatedly.

We've called upon Zenimax to DO SOMETHING, and, apparently, the have tried. But some of the trouble might be closer to us than to them.

I've noticed that when ESO is laggy and prone to kick, I also have lag with Firefox in loading websites. Any websites. Further, a lot of players in the game don't have lag when I have lag. That suggests that the lag problem is being caused by my connection or by my ISP.

Also, over time I've observed that the especially bad lag-times occur with predictable daily and weekly cycles, with the best, most lag-free playing times being week days during the hours from 1 AM to 4 AM and from 1 PM to 4 PM. During weekends, the afternoon window often does not exist. Conversely, the worst, most laggy times are from 5 PM to 11 PM of any day, and all hours on weekends can be significantly laggy.

These cycles of lag/kicks point to bandwidth reduction nearer to the players (who have this problem) than to Zenimax. Our ISP might be throttling us. Our phone lines might be getting interfered with. Maybe someone along the route is at least a wee bit over-subscribed.
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