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BAMFs of Tamriel Recruiting! [Multi-Alliance] [PVE] [NEW PLAYERS WELCOME!] [Dungeon Guild]

Hi I'm recruiting for my guild BAMFs of Tamriel, we focus on running dungeons from undaunted Dailies, speed runs, no death runs, and farming for gear sets! If your interested in becoming part of the guild leave your psn below!! Also looking for officers to help setup special runs like vCOS,vMaZZ,or vICP.
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  • davidcombs7
    Forgot to note that we have 100+ members and growing. I also provide gear suggestions, skill bar setups, and I'm a 9t crafter, master achemist, master enchanter, and we have a manor at Daggerfall, so far having a test dummy, clothing station, enchanting table, a merchant and a banker!
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