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today's patched failed?

trying to download today's patch (3/20/17), but message said it failed? Had me run a repair and still did not download? I have never had a patch/download fail before....what gives?
  • kraxammer
    now I get a Error 103 - error downloading...but lets me play? I guess patch/update did not download? oh, well I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
  • kraxammer
    okay, now I can't even launch game anymore?!!! I have NEVER had a problem playing this game or any other. What is going on?

    Error message after at launcher.

    What should I do?

    eso encountered a fatal error. (Error 11)
    Description: Client Fatal Error

    version = 0.01

    ProductName = eso
    Version =
    branch = live
    client.executablebits = 64
    client.mode = startup
    client.renderertype = D3D11
    client.session_start_timestamp = 2017-03-21T00:56:25.457Z
    client.timestamp = 2017-03-21T00:56:25.820Z -frme 0- = JEFFREY-PC
    computer.user = Jeffrey
    cpu.arch = 9
    cpu.count = 8
    cpu.level = 6
    cpu.type = 8664
    data.depotid = 4000
    data.dir = E:/The Elder Scrolls Online/depot/
    data.syncm = databuild
    data.version =
    exe.buildnum = 1426602
    exe.opt = release
    exe.reltype = public
    exe.type = client
    fe.code = 11
    fe.descrip = Client Fatal Error
    gfx.description = 21.19.407.0
    gfx.deviceid = 26591.594678924.199
    gfx.driver = Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics
    gfx.vendorid = 4098
    mem.system_physical = 16344
    os.osbits = 64
    os.platform = windows
    os.version = 10.0.14393.
    ptime = 629
    reportfield.ver = 3
    version.major = 2
    version.patch = 7
    version.subpatch = 10
  • Trinity_Is_My_Name
    May have to do a complete reinstall. Hope not!

  • kraxammer
    has no one else had this error today? the above link you supplied was from july 2016
  • Thorvarg
    No Problems here
  • ZOS_PeterT
    If you receive a Fatal Error from the ESO Launcher, you should run a repair on your game files.

    In addition, you can repair the files for The Elder Scrolls Online on your computer by following the steps below.

    Repair the ESO Launcher

    1.Open The Elder Scrolls Online Launcher by right-clicking on the icon on the desktop and selecting Run as Administrator.
    2.Wait for the launcher to open completely.
    3.If multiple ESO clients are installed and available through the launcher, make sure you have the correct version highlighted by clicking on it once.
    4.Open the Game Options dropdown menu and click on the option for Repair.
    5.Allow the launcher to examine all the files for the game. This may take some time.
    6.If any files are found to have problems, the launcher will re-download those files.

    Delete the ESO Launcher Folder

    •PC: Go to the Launcher folder and delete it.
    ◦You can find this by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher.

    •Mac: Open Finder, go to Applications, and then look for and delete the Zenimax Online folder.
    ◦The Launcher folder will be under the main ZOS folder.

    Download new ESO Launcher

    Once you have deleted the folder, download the ESO Launcher from your account management page to reinstall it. You can do this by logging in to your account on our website and clicking the Download Game button on the page for your appropriate platform.
    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - ZeniMax Online Studios

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