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LOA - Casual/Social Gamers

Soul Shriven
Hello to everyone.

Myself and two longstanding MMO playing friends have made the long and torturous journey to the lands of Tamriel in the last 6 months or so. Having been here a little while now and got ourselves settled we've started looking for a guild in fitting with our way of game and our general social perspective. So far, it seems we've not been able to put our finger on a guild that suits us, so instead we've decided to "bring the mountain to mohammed".

Silly cultural reference aside, we are a small group of mature, relaxed and social-able players looking to build a guild of like minded individuals.

We are in no way in a rush to smash through ever morsel of content within the game all at once and immediately. We completely understand that beyond the four walls of the room that your PC sits in, there is a real world with real things to deal with. For this reason we arent going to bash anyone up who cant play 7 days a week 16 hours a day. Furthermore we arent planning on any restriction or pre-requisites for game playing regularity.

Our real aim is to meet new people, help one another where we can and to enjoy ourselves.

So what should you know?
  • LOA is short for Legion of Avernus. That our guild name and it come from when we used to play SWG. It was the name of our old guilds player city.
  • We arent the most overly serious bunch. We banter a lot. We playfully make fun of one another regularly. Its all in good spirit but if you take yourself super seriously this probably isnt the guild for you.
  • This is a mature gaming guild. Therefore there is a minimum limit of 25yr old, though some exceptions may be made. There is no max limit (fossils are people too). If you are a drama queen, you wont fit in here.
  • We are an EU guild. So it would probably help if you were on that server.
  • We consider ourselves to be casual. dont expect everyone logging in frantically at a set time to raid every day
  • We are mainly aimed at PVE. Though occasionally we'll venture to Cyrodil. We certainly wont be conquering the PVP battlefield, so dont expect that.
  • Everyone is welcome to play and progress at their own pace. You wont get pressure from us
  • No harassment, moaning, drama or tantrums. We're far too old and frail to deal with that crap.
  • We are unlikely to ever have a guild store, so dont join us looking to build your multinational trade empire
  • We are looking to keep things manageable so if you are looking for a 300 member guild this wont be it. We're probably looking no more than 40 to 50.
  • and finally. Those of us that are here already arent veterans with tonnes of ESO knowledge. We'll help, i personally will even dig in on reading up on things if that aids people. But you may not find a font of knowledge or life mentor here.

- Mature, fun loving, relaxed. +25Yrs old
- Whilst we dont look for a minimum game time, we also dont want people that are online but only in the guild in name. Anyone who's guild input amounts to say hi when they log in and bye when they leave would just be a ghost in the guild and would be preventing someone joining who might enjoy the experience more.

What we looking for:
Any mature player. Any faction. Any nationality. English speaking required.

If your interested you can drop me a line either in this thread, via pm or in game using @pestisprimus
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  • pestisprimus
    Soul Shriven
    Little nudge up the board.

    We've added our first additional member since making this post. Thanks to the couple that have also messaged me in game.
  • pestisprimus
    Soul Shriven
    gentle nudge up the boards. another added today.

    Welcoming all players of all races, nationalities, creeds, hair colours, heights shapes and flavours.
  • SweLucce
    Soul Shriven

    35yrs old, all new to this game and how it works. Would like to join and maybe get some pointers. Name in-game Swe-Lucce
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