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Why aren't there dedicated class threads? (Am I crazy for wanting this functionality?)

Has anyone ever suggested that this Player Guides Discussion thread get broken down into it's component parts (at least in regards to class topics)?

I think it would be a lot easier to find help and advice on classes if each class had a dedicated thread. This would also provide for better organized stickies for each separate class. Maybe I'm just lazy or crazy but I get super frustrated trying to weed through all topics on the Player Guides Discussion when I'm just looking for information pertaining to one particular class / build.

Not only that but it also seems like some of the information I need to find or want to find is in the Character and Combat Mechanics thread. There's some overlap here in how the community has decided to use these two threads. ZOS could really step in here and provide some much needed organization and classification.
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  • blkjag
  • klowdy1
    Yeah, I was wondering this myself. It just seems like it would be easier to wade through all the information you need to know about you class if they were actually separated. I think the problem at this point would be moving all the threads around to the correct heading, having to go through years of posts, some not specific to just one class.

    If they started now, and just left the current threads in a "class vault" thread, that couldn't be posted in anymore, but still gave access to all the information, I would be fine with that.
  • Autolycus
    Agreed, it would be nice if they would break this portion down by class.

    A better search function would be nice too. We're in the habit of naming our builds, and people often return to such threads by searching for the build name. It will usually find a thread by typing in the full name of the build without typos, but if you just search by the first portion of it, it instead falls to searching threads with secondary key words and bumps down everything that is "less recent" by their standards. Their attempts to mitigate necro threads adversely impacts the Player Guides section, as most of these guides (especially for class builds) simply get updated from patch to patch, and thus searching for the name of the build will not return results, because said thread is "old" and shouldn't be necro'd.
    Edited by Autolycus on February 23, 2017 9:13PM
  • Lukums1
    We needed this for the longest time.
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  • Koensol
    Agreed. The funny thing is, we used to have it. But apparently they found that it needed to be taken away.
  • MarcWasHere
  • Mr_oranos
    Soul Shriven
  • Queo
    I love this idea. There was a game i used to play that did this, then a new company bought them out and that company got rid of that feature on the forum. this was like 3 years ago and people STILL request it to be returned. It seems like it a easy no brainer... its a forum not a program, yes yes yes for the smart butts i do know the forum is an actual program but you know what i'm saying... its a easy fix compared to patching a game.
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