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Constant PS4 Pro Crashing

@ZOS_GinaBruno This issue has not been properly addressed since the Pro launched. I can't play a vet dungeon without crashing at least three times. I've filed a report every time. I've played on both wired and wireless connections. I've turned off nameplates and other settings that might eat more memory. 1/2 the time I get a "Too many messages" error (while using a HEADSET) upon being booted back to the main screen--assuming the client doesn't just crash.

Is there an ETA on a fix for this? Are you narrowing down on a cause even? It's gotten worse, not better.

P.S. Crashes at crafting tables seem to have improved since Homestead. But I'd rather crash there than when lives of others in an instance (tanking) are dependent on me not crashing.
  • ZOS_PeterT
    This error is usually triggered by in-game error messages that are not visible, and it is not normally related to chat. If your character has been stuck in terrain recently, this will likely be the cause.
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