Looking for Spanish speaker guild

Soul Shriven
Hi !!
We are 7 ppl who have been playing together for few years. We are 30 years old average and we are looking for a pve/pvp friendly spanish guild to start doing trials and get some help with the endgame.
  • roigseguib16_ESO

    Contactadme en el juego! @xavierlluis
    Por mail o si me encontrais online.
    Xavier Louis - Redguard Templar
    Xavier Luis - Redguard Sorcerer
    Xavier Löuis - Dunmer Dragonknight
    Xavier Louïs - Dunmer Dragonknight
    Xavier Louïs - Argonian Templar
    Legendary Xavi - Altmer Sorcerer
    War Chief Sosio - Orc Warden

    Former Guild Master of Fuego
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