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Vet Mazzutan motif drop rate on Vet??

What exactly is the drop rate people are experiencing? I run it twice a day minimum, and have run it at least 15 times on Vet (without hard mode) and have gotten just one motif... I've run Cradle about half that and zero motifs...

In fact, my drop rate for motifs on Mazzutan is almost equal to normal mode! Is this intended?

It's horrible running it with so many different people and they seem to get motifs first run, and every run - and then I'm left there questioning why the RNG gods are frowning upon me. THIS is why I think we need a token system on dungeon completion whereby we can purchase dungeon drop items, instead of spending all my game time farming for something that just won't drop...
  • akl77
    Hard mode guarantees a drop of motif.
    PS4 pro NA
  • psxfloh
    akl77 wrote: »
    Hard mode guarantees a drop of motif.

    Sounds like the fun thing to do with PUGs! <3
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