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Soul Shriven
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  • Chiefpoppasquat
    Hi this is what I posted in looking for a guild we could be a match.

    I have about 460 cp I am daggerfall but my crafter is a ep

    i play mostly nights. My main is a redguard dk dps I don’t have maelstrom weapons. But what I’m looking for is a pve guild. I’m looking for a guild that is looking for active memebers. I want a guild that runs norm and vet trials and dont mind teaching people mechanics helping with builds and working together to achieve optimal groups. I have an khajit night blade. I’m in process of grinding an imperial dk for tanking. My preferred role is tanking. Im also gonna grind up my first magic dps after most likely a sorc but if group would need a diff class for group I’m open. I’m a master enchanter, provisioner, alchemist, wood working last traits researching on staves now. And clothing and blacksmiths have at least 6 traits in all most heavy is 8 traits.

    What I’m tired of in the eso community is the elitism that exist with players now. So if you or your guild is too guild to help players and guild mates out please don’t contact me. I help people out all the time it’s a game we play to have fun.

    Thank you, chiefpoppasquat
  • Chiefpoppasquat
    Are you still looking for members
  • Nishino_Kazuki
    Psn: Nishino_Kazuki, looking to get into PVE I'm mostly a pvp player
  • mobyvixen
    Are you still recruiting?
  • ravencbr600
    Looking for a guild to show and teach me trials
    Psn ravencbr600
    Character are 600+
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