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Housing Dueling is broken

Soul Shriven
When dueling in houses you can get feared/cc'd through player placed walls/structures. I know this has been a persistent problem with some areas in cyrodil (like the gate going to or from bloodmain) but most pvpers who bought houses want to make awesome dueling areas. This ruins everything when you are mid fight in the amazing arena that someone built, and the other dude gets feared through the wall, forcing you to forfeit a duel. Almost as bad is that I cant make a floating arena or anything since a single wrecking blow or dragon leap will send you flying through the floor.

Please take a look at this ZOS... I spent about 9 hours building my dueling arena, am still working on it, and would just like it to be at least as viable to duel in as a random field somewhere where these issues

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_BrianWheeler
  • Ahzek
    Has been reported over and over on PTS.
    Then on ESO live they applauded everyone how creative they were and everything with arenas in the sky ...
  • Midgetman303
    Soul Shriven
    I am aware that this has been addressed, but I can't find a forums post about it. Hard to believe that these devs would commend people for something that is not feasible, and not be willing to address this on here even
  • Rex-Umbra
    Yeah I made an epic area just to deconstruct it once we found out it was useless.
    Xbox GT: Rex Umbrah
    GM of IMPERIUM since 2015.
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