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PS4 Cracked wood cave secret entrance bug!

This has happened twice now. Basically i try to go into cracked wood cave through the secret entrance and the loading screen pops up but the oroboros is skipping (frame by frame) and with each tick the tips change rapidly and the "ding!" Sound can be heard every few seconds. It ends up taking like 15-20 min to load but i just wanted to get someones opinion on what may be causing this or maybe a zeni employee will pass this on to the debuggers. Also not a localized issue ive heard a couple friends say its happened to them as well.

[minor edit to title for clarity]
Edited by ZOS_CoriJ on October 26, 2016 10:58PM
  • hereiamhereibe2
    Thanks for all your help...
  • DearLady
    My character is currently stuck in a black screen after falling through that entrance. I've gone through it more than a dozen times and now all of a sudden it's glitched? I literally cannot move or do anything. I had to pay to get "unstuck." I can see everything character wise on my screen it's just that she's completely blacked out and cannot move. I have no idea what to do.
  • Koolio
    PS4 Na server still can't walk out of delve.
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