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[Bug Report] Trolled by Remains Silent

Today when I asked Remains Silent for some gear, she gave me a Bow of Ashen Grip.
Surprised to see it wasn't the usual DB items, I quickly decided to compare it to my current bow.... And that's when I realized she had somehow unequipped my secondary weapon and gave it back to me!
This counted as my daily gift from her.

This surely must be a bug, or she is one rather cruel Argonian.

This was on PS4.
  • Pluto
    The exact same thing happened today!

    When I ask her for equipment, my weapon is unequipped and given back to me. Instead of her giving me something new.

    Both times happened in Anvil, if that helps pinpoint the bug.
  • Durnik
    This exact thing has happened to me 2 times on one toon. I've put in a ticket (170225-004287) and
    this is the response I got (after several days)...

    "Thank you for sending me these links. This is a known issue which can occur. You are receiving loot as we have confirmed. I am glad that you are getting your items"

    See this forum post also...
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