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Leviathan med armor in pvp vs impen

Impen in non cp campaigns {all atm} is limited to about 1500impen max.

This lower cap makes crit more valuable in pvp i was wondering would it be worth farming leviathan set getting shadow mundus 7 med, im a nb

Which other set should i run with this?

P.S. Non cp pvp is fun
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  • fred4
    Well, unless someone's running Transmutation.

    I think crit is valuable in PvP, esp. if you're not running proc sets. I've lost duels against an NB with 70% crit chance and a 2.0 crit damage modifier, who I thought was devastating. I run 2K+ crit resist.

    The consensus with a friend is that 60% crit is good to have (with CP). Aim for more and you will likely compromise your build too much elsewhere. Wouldn't mind trying Leviathan myself, but haven't yet.

    If you're dual-wield, the main thing is to get two daggers. I would go for Sharpened over Precise though.
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