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[EU-PC] Golden Heart Lions - A casual multi purpose guild for all!

Soul Shriven
Golden Heart Lions is newly formed casual guild operating on all aspects of the game. We have an excellent community of 240+ members, cool tabard, Daggerfall Overlook as guild HQ and weekly lottery with cool prizes. We do ordinary tasks together and are very active overall. We also plan to start trading as fast as possible.

Our ranking system is:
Squire - lvl 1-19
Swordsman - lvl 20-50
Knight - CP 1-159
Cavalier - CP 160-399
Paladin - CP 400-600+
Banker - Bank Manager
Bishop - Recruiting Officer
Captain, Marshal & Commander - Guild Leadership

Any one who wishes to join please leave a comment here with your game ID and you will be invited soon.
Only rule is be nice and active (max inactivity 1 month).
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