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Favorite Zones?

Just wanted to know where everyone likes to spend their time. I haven't found a zone I don't like, but I spend a lot of my time in Rivenspire, the Gold Coast, and Grahtwood. If I'm just relaxing, I like to fish, gather mats or just take in the scenery in these zones
  • Reverb
    Gold Coast, Craglorn, Wrothgar, Deshaan, Rivenspire and Coldharbour. In that order.
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  • Tyrion87
    Auridon, Grahtwood, Malabal Tor, Rivenspire, Deshaan, Stonefalls and Wrothgar. No specific order.
  • Metafae
    I like Auridon, it's really pretty. It was also the first big area I played in back in Beta.

    I like Rivenspire, it's creepy and isolated, the whistling wind adds to the atmosphere of the zone really well.

    I like Alik'r, it's deserts are awesome, I really wish they added a zone that was 10x bigger and made of mostly rolling sand dunes with the occasional ruin or village dotted throughout the zone.

    I like Imperial City, it's sewers are great and the City was amazingly fun when there were plenty of people venturing into that place. It's a shame its become mostly empty now, if only it wasn't gated by a pay wall, groups in Cyrodiil usually cancel their trips there due to one or two members not having the DLC, plus there is very little reason to go there to help the top side PvP.
  • ListerJMC
    The Alik'r Desert is where I spend most of my time, I adore Sentinel and am used to the layout so it's my go-to city.

    I also love Auridon for the scenery, and Rivenspire's not really my thing scenery-wise but I like the questline and the city's layout so I find myself there quite a bit too.
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  • Surragard
    I had not entered any EP zones since beta until the holiday festival a few months ago. I might just be biased since these are the only zones I have not explored yet but I really enjoyed exploring Eastmarch. I don't love any of the AD zones but I really enjoyed the DC zones. Daggerfall is still my favorite city and I like the building architecture in the Breton zones the most.
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  • Narvuntien
    Auridon, I hadn't been there for awhile and I went there for the housing quest and wow, its just as amazing as I remembered why did I ever leave? The way the story moved through that zone was also very nice and flowed well.

    I haven't been to Rivenspire yet... perhaps tomorrow. Nor Alik'r

  • Mcgelie1
    Interesting, thanks for the discussion everyone. I love talking about this stuff.
  • TheNuminous1
    Love me some bosmeri culture. And giant forests. All three of the valenwood zones are my favorite :) especially malabal tor. I just hate the the only wood elven city that has a bank is elden root. (To my knowledge)
  • parkham
    Cities that are less populated and have the relevant buildings sanely laid out and not too far apart.


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