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New Player looking for an Active adult only guild, PvE

Soul Shriven
Hello All

basically what it says on the tin, I recently purchased the game and looking for an active English speaking guild to just chill and laugh with. I mainly do PvE so it would be a bonus if the guild is also focused on this as well. I am normally on my PC around 9pm GMT on wards for a few hours. Mostly till Midnight since I do have work in the morning lol.

Doesn't have to have Coms but Discord would be a bonus, I do prefer using a mic instead of typing.

I made a RedGuard I think!!! i joined Daggerfall?

I have been looking through Guild posts and to be honest I am lost lol, I see PvE and PvP guilds which is normal to me but I never heard of Trading guilds or anything like that before. I come from playing WoW for 11 Years and well... you do see that kinda of thing there, unless it just never happened on my server lol.


If anyone in interested then please feel free to contact me.
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