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More Open Concept Player choices *may contain story and DLC spoilers*

Does anyone else think that questing and roleplaying would be much more fun if there were more of those red choices?

What Im talking about would be full immersion and interaction between game and player, learning how your charcter would think or react to a certain event or line of questioning. For example, I was playing the Dark Brotherhood questline and
when you find out the Order Of The Hour is behind the killings, there should have been an option to side with them. Maybe lead the charge and Purify the Sanctuary. Then your instance of the game would have the door locked. Say if you played a Nord or Imperial. You'd proabably be more likely to join up with Akatosh worshippers. Not to mention The Prophet in the main story worships Akatosh and theres a general theme there. then it would open a separate Skill Line to maybe match what you had your DB rank up to, or offered a few morew quests and things to grind out your new skill line for the Order of the Hour. (uhm time freezing enemies and that Holy Diver AoE attack they have would be awesome!)
I just think that there should be a bit more open ended quests. That being said, because of the theoretical various endings to these quests, there should be seperate rewards. Maybe split up the Area sets into this and make them appropriate for the ending.
Or , as I have said in some previous comments, BLESSINGS. Bestow blessings on us. Offerings like Boons, that can stack up to 3 but only have some small bonus, as not to get to greedy Or perhaps interchangeable Passives SKill Lines, much like the DLC skill lines or the Cyrodil Seige ones.

But that we may worship Tamriels many Divines, Aedric and Daedric Princes ain peace and in our own right. Instead of praying at dusty old rocks sticking out of the dirt; in remote locals, sometimes surrounded by beasties and bandits. I'd like to site the Oblivion add-on: Knights of the Nine. Having to go on a Pilgrimage. Doing that Questline I always thought it wouldve been more appropriate for an MMORPG setting. and also always thought it would be nice to not just be some Holy Crusader, but maybe a champion for just one of the many main gods. Imagine being the champion for Akatosh and having holy dragon skill or passive, or perhaps Sheogoraths champion and get healing from cheese and wielding the Fork of Horripulation or some nerfed version of a Wabbajack. This could add a huge dynamic for lore accurate role play, lore reading and researching, hilarity (in the case of Sheogorath) and more.

But I do think the way our Hero agrees and calmy goes along with most quests and tasks, is un-becoming of a game, so rich in lore and immersion. How hard would it be to write a few extra ending lines. Or even make it so, depending on your character racial choice, you are responded to differently. I noticed one Dominion quest addressed me as Khajiit but Im not sure if this was just coincidence. But thats what got me started on this whole line of thinking, because it made me feel special and immersed. It made me feel like the game was interacting with me and my choices.
And I think thats always something we could use more of.

Besides a VR headset and a tour of Tamriel.

Tell me what you think
..or dont.
Its Your Choice.
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  • Krist
    I am sure it can be done mechanically, as other games give you the choices and whatever you choose you live with. Star Wars comes to mind, where you go dark side or light side. City of Heroes gave you the option of going good or bad. It may be something they work on in the future, who knows. I know the game is still relatively young, so I think we will see some cool changes come about as it matures.

    All of that to say I agree with you. It personalizes the game and makes it feel more interactive when you get choices that actually effect you.
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