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Eu Looking for Casual but Active PvE guild

Soul Shriven
Hello all

I have recently purchased the standard edition of ESO via Steam. I am new to the PC version. I do have the game on Xbox but I recently bought a new PC so I am moving over to the PC version. I am looking for an English speaking, Adult only mature guild to join.

I have 11 Years exp in MMO's, Mainly WoW and some GW2. I am ABIT!!! of a solo player outside dungeons and Raids with a guild and I like to chat in guild. I haven't chosen yet which class or faction yet since I am starting a clean slate. If there is any guild that meets what I am looking for is interested plz feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much for your time
  • Melonbrew
    Soul Shriven
    Sorry I am typing in haste due to going out for dinner lol, Just read some of that back and seems abit odd. Anyways you will know what I mean
  • Eric_L8s
    Hi there, sounds like our little shabby guild could be made for you.

    It's rather casual with more or less random group activity, but there's a very active core. ~200 members in total of which ~40 usually log in within 24 hours, in the EU evening hours there are usually 10-25 online, and ~5 in Discord voice chat.

    Peak of activity in usually in the EU evening hours. Many members are from the UK, many from Germany, rest of EU and some from all over the world. It is not strictly "adult only" but 99% of members are 18+. Average age is probably 30+ and we have serveral 50+ members. It's a friendly, mature community.

    Group activity is usually organized in guild chat on the fly. Planned events are taking place too, for example we had a world boss night last weekend. For group activity Discord always helps but is not required.

    Some more info can be found in our guild thread in this forum:The Ludophiles guild - friendly community - everyone welcome If you are interested in joining or in case of any questions please just let us know :)
  • Zunkis
    Hi :) check us out :)

    or whisper me ingame @Zunkis

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