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Looking for a friendly PS4 guild

Basics: PS4, Europe, Ebonheart Pact – Dunmer, Sorcerer.


Champion Points: 200

PSN: Sensei206

Game Name: Tolthe

Looking for a mature group to PVE with, i love to do daily pledgers, trials and happy to chat on the mic.

I have maxed out clothing / woodwork and blacksmith.

I am a loyal player and always happy to help fellow members.

I am 27+ and work until 6:00 in the week, I will be playing every evening from 6:00PM GMT and in the day / evening on weekends.

Thanks for your time.
  • wilkoisla
    I have a guild fairly new we are mainly on from 6 we do pledges trials always on mic if u fancy it my psn is WilkoIsla if u want invite
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