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What am I doing wrong?

Soul Shriven
I'm a newish player, and I'm struggling to understand attribute point allocation and it's role in combat. My problem is that every combat encounter just feels like I'm slowly chipping away at a tank, regardless of how I spend my points. This is on both a Templar, and a Nightblade.

I was under the impression that Stamina improves the damage of stamina-based attacks, and Magicka improves magicka-based attacks. However, it seems like this damage boost is anemic, and doesn't match up with guides I have read.

I have a Templar/Sword & Shield character at level 34. I get that 1h is not designed around being a strong damage dealer, but for now let's just talk about the Templar part. I did a little bit of experimentation with point allocation and observed the following:

With 42 points into Magicka, it takes 6 Puncturing Sweeps to take down a normal enemy. I reset my points, and split them evenly between Stamina and Magicka, expecting to see a decrease in damage. The guides I have read all indicate that splitting points this way should result in poor damage. However with only 21 points into Magicka, it still takes 6 Puncturing Sweeps to take down the same enemy. So I'm left wondering what the point is, other than the size of the resource pools?

My Dual wield/NB is level 30, and her damage also feels similarly weak, though I haven't compared her damage output in this way.

The pace of combat I'm experiencing just feels weirdly slow, and is the one thing that is really preventing me from enjoying this game. Are my expectations just way off? :confused:

Is it like this at higher levels?
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  • Tiff_ar15
    I'm a newish as well (only been playing a few months, currently at 170 cp) but I do have a stamplar and a nb so maybe I can offer a little advice.

    I started out allocating my points in all three (health, stam and magick). I realized a few weeks in that my characters sucked. So I researched and joined a few guilds. Basically, pick one and put all points into it. In both characters, I have most points in stam (I did put a few points in health, I may change that at some point but I seem okay now).

    Davey also made a good point that in the 30's level, it feels rough. My main toon (my stamplar) has come such a long way. I remember being that level and wondering if I made the right choice. Now that I've got some decent gear/skills/weapons and all that stuff, I'm seeing really decent damage. Also for my character, I'm equipped with medium armor and a few pieces of heavy (Hundings Rage until I can get better armor).

    I've read so many bad things about stamplars early on with my toon that I really thought I made a bad choice. Any way, just level up and you'll see a huge difference soon. :smile:

  • PhxOldGamer68
    My first character is a Templar and I too thought I chose the wrong class.

    And then I discovered those skills that weaken the enemy prior to hand to hand combat. From a distance, I use Sun Fire -> Backlash (as they start running towards me) -> Puncturing Strikes for the take down.

    In addition to the suggestions above, you'll start doing 2-3 shot kills. Used to be 1 shot kills before One Tamriel leveled up enemies to your current level.
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  • Wednesdaywoe
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you all for the helpful responses. I've changed my armor enchantments, and started eating food--made a significant difference. I guess I just didn't realize how much of a role those things play. I spent so much gold on respec'ing my points that I can't really do much about my armor, other than change a few pieces to light armor. But overall combat is better so far. At least it's enough of a difference that I think I can keep going. :smile:
  • Saturnana
    I ran into the exact same things with my DK around that level. Nearly level 50 now, and as cheesy as it may sound, I can honestly say things will get better. ^^ I'm on PC / EU and crafting away in Clothing / Woodworking, if you need new gear to help your progress, feel free to whisper me! May not be able to help you out with everything (trait-wise, mostly, though it's a work in progress) but I can certainly try. :)
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