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Constant Kicking to Unknown Error

I have been getting kicked alot for the last few weeks. On PC NA. I do not know what to do anymore lol. It happens whenever I change zones (enter delves, port anywhere etc) for a while it seemed fixed, I have my computer connected to my router via ethernet cable. it is a line connection to my home. my internet stays very steady as a result, since its fiber optics. Only this game every gives me any trouble. it only says unknown error, it will then take me a while to get back into game sometimes. I am running very few addons, and tried going with none and it did not fix the problem, I have added ESO to my firewall. I have reset my settings and reset my saved variables. My laptop is an asus rog i7 Nvidia 870m. This is a fairly recent problem of the last month or so. And nothing on my machine or my connection has changed in that timeframe.

ANY help with this would be very appreciated!
  • cpuScientist
    I just set up port triggering and it's still not working. I am at my wit's end. I can't play like this, trying to get a skyshards can take 5 log ins just to do sometimes
  • Stovahkiin
    No idea why that would be happening, especially with the super helpful error message it's giving you... You said that "for a while it seemed fixed", was it an extended period of time, like a week, during which it was working fine? Or just a little while like a few hours or a day?

    The only thing I could guess is that the servers just don't agree with your internet, possibly due to some updates done at some point, and so it just spits you back to the login screen.

    Other than that, all I can suggest is that you send a support ticket to Zeni and ask about the problem, although I wouldn't hold my breath for a human response.

    *edit* If you have played the game for a long time and this problem just started happening recently, then you might just have to take a break from the game and come back in a few weeks or a month. It might be better for you after some time passes and updates get released. That is of course, if you can't find some other solution
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  • ZOS_DaryaK
    If you haven't already, please submit a ticket to our support team and be sure to include your game consultant so they can help you troubleshoot why this is happening.
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