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Loading Screens, Loading Screens, and more Loading Screens...

This has been going for a while for me, really became noticeable during the New Life event.

Anyways, it has come to a point where I can't fast travel to a handful of Wayshrines, without the game being stuck in the loading zone screen (usually along with the "this is a longer time than normal" message). I've kept quiet about it, and usually just return to the Xbox dashboard, quit the game and restart, but it's gotten to a point where that doesn't even help anymore.

I wish I could give more specifics on what Wayshrines aren't working but there's quite a few now, and in each zone/faction. I don't know if I should submit a ticket either, because in my experience Support isn't very helpful... no offense, but yes I have tried restarting the console/game/etc... that's why I'm contacting you now.

Anyways, hope what I've said makes sense, hopefully there's a way to look into this. Thanks!
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  • GeorgeParker
    Sadly there are not enough people complaining about the shocking state of the XBox platform, hence ZOS cares very little.

    But look at the priority ZOS gave the recent ESO+ issues on PC.

    ZOS sees the XBox community as something to milk financially until enough people quit forcing their hand into pulling the plug.

    I really like this game and there is nothing else similar on the Xbox but the rollercoaster quality of the Servers has made me realize I should really quit and move on to other games.
  • rehydrate
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah, I am a new player and this is so awfully annoying... The first few days I loved the game so much, but now I can't even play an hour or so without the game "crashing" in the loadingscreen. Very sad!

    Glad I havn't subscribed to ESO Plus - I would be even angrier! :/
  • Bonzodog01
    I have to say it, but on Xbox EU, fingers crossed, the last 48 hrs for me has been reliable, and I have had just one "longer than usual" loading screen in Cyrodiil. From weds-fri though, it was shocking, and I was really struggling to load any of my chars or even make it as far as login.
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