Add-On/Plug-in for Combat Metrics suggestion: % uptime on skills

Hey all,
It would be awesome to have a Combat Metrics plug-in or Add-on that kept track of your uptime percent on skills that have durations. As a NB, I would like to see my uptime on things like Crippling Grasp, Wall of Elements, Merciless Resolve, etc. I am trying to improve my rotation, and having this tool would be great for gauging progress and identifying problem areas. I already use a buff timer which puts a count down on the skill icon, but having both would allow me to see if I am truly improving those up times.

So, to all of you Add On authors out there, would this be doable?

  • Dolgubon
    It would be possible, yes. I don't know if you'd be able to easily find someone to code it for you though.
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  • Syrani
    Yeah, I am just hoping one of the authors sees this and says "that would be really useful! I am gonna make that happen!"

    I can dream, right? :)
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