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Seeking Trials Guild

Specifically, I am searching for a guild that often farms vet and normal craglorn trials. I want to get my BiS gear, but to do that, I need a group and groups are hard to find within my current guilds lately.

I am cp 561, have healer and stam dps...working on completing a tank. Did the bloodspawn somewhere between 1:50 and 2 minutes. Need to work on gear and perfecting my rotation.

I am far from being an elitist, so a guild that doesn't have members constantly belittling those players who aren't quite perfect would be fantastic.
  • Cêltic421
    Hi. We are in need of a reliable tank that can run trials with us on schedule trials days. Thursday 8pm, Saturday And Sunday 2pm. All times are eastern. I know you working on your tank. We can help you with that and you can dps or heal while getting tank together. We run vet trials. Only do normals upon a request.
    We are not elitist but we do expect members to work on improving them selves if need be. Practice your rotation and sustain on bloodspawn. Let me know if ya interested.
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