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Main Quest Timing Changed?

Did they change the pacing in which you get new quests for the main story?

I started a new character, am at level 7, and haven't even gotten the chance to talk to Holgunn for the first time yet.
I'm at the part now where you go to save Sai Sahan... As soon as I get to Davon's Watch, I have to turn around and go back to the harborage and do another one.

I thought it was supposed to be one main quest per 5 levels...
  • Enodoc
    Yes. Since the One Tamriel update, the Main Quest is no longer level-locked, so you can get one after the other all the way to the end of the story.
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  • Karius_Imalthar
    Thank you. I didn't know that. I had finished the main quest line prior to OT. I was recently telling someone in zone that it was every 5 levels so now I learn that I was telling them wrong.
  • BlackSparrow
    Yeah, came as a surprise to me, too. I'd wondered why I was seeing level 10s in the Hollow City, then switched to a low-level alt and went "ah."
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    Silh'ki, khajiit warrior-chef: "Would this one be able to go outside, to the nearby river? It's hard to fish without water!"
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    Mazie gra-Bolga, orc scout: "Uh... I'd have to house train my bear..."
    Felicia the Wanderer, imperial witch-for-hire: "What Lorelai said."
    Calico Jaka-dra, retired khajiit pirate: "This one would like a rest from her grand adventures. Her jewel shop runs out of stock!"
    Shimmerbeam, blind altmer psijic: "Provided that I am confined to Artaeum, I do not think I will want for things to occupy my time."
    Shauna Blackfire, redguard necromancer: "Sounds like paradise. I hate people."
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