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Daily quests

Soul Shriven
For daily quests, specifically the mages guild and undaunted, do I have to complete one quest before I can get a new one, or can I come back the next day to get a different quest without completing the previous one? I've been trying to get dungeons that I haven't already cleared, but I've been getting the same quests for three days in a row. Thanks.

Best Answer

  • midnightq2
    Soul Shriven
    Aaahh. That might explain it. Thanks for the info. Seem like they should have gotten rid of that with One Tamriel.
    Accepted Answer
  • Merlin13KAGL
    No reason to not complete the one you have.

    Even if it's from yesterday, complete it, turn it in, and then you can pick up today's regardless.

    That way you get benefit from both.

    The only time it won't issue you a new one is if you've waited a week, and the 'old' quest is the same as the one that would normally be issued today.

    (Basically if you pick them up, you can do 'two' every other day.)

    If you simply don't want the current one you have, abandon the quest and it will issue you the current one.
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  • midnightq2
    Soul Shriven
    So is it just bad luck that I've been getting the same quests three days in a row on two different characters?
  • opaj
    What level are your characters? It turns out that there is a hidden level restriction on the guild dailies. I contacted customer support about this because I was worried my new EP character was bugged, and this is the level range they gave me:

    Stonefalls 1-15
    Deshaan 16-24
    Shadowfen 25-30
    Eastmarch 35-40
    The Rift 41-48

    Obviously you'll want to adjust this to the corresponding zones if you're in a different alliance.
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