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level scale question

I'm a low level (in the 20's) and have trouble beating some bosses, not all but some are hell hard! Used to go and level up some and try again, but, if level is scaled how will going out and leveling up some help you beat that boss? Does it still help or not? This is assuming that Armor and weapons are up to level and it's just down to what level you actually are. Confused on if it would help to level and go back or will it just make the boss tougher yet?
  • Nestor
    World Bosses out in the Overland? Your not supposed to Solo them, so don't worry if you can't.

    The game buffs you below Level 50. However, Gear is important, and you want all your slots to have something. Once you do that, then you want to perhaps have some set pieces so you can get a bonus. After than, you want the armor improved, I would not go beyond Blue or Green depending on how fast you replace it. And, make sure your wearing jewelry, from the sets that the armor is, or something. Finally, with the armor and jewelry, make sure you have Enchant Glyphs that benefit you.

    Having said all that, it's more important to be leveling than to try to be powerful while leveling. See this, I wrote it for another thread, but it kind of applies here:

    If you need Gold, engage the Legerdemain System and Steal and Fence. There are many areas that are rich in things to steal with few to no NPCs around so the risk is next to 0.

    Gear, with Enchants that help your character is important. Not meaning you need the best set, you just need something. And, don't forget Jewelry, either normal stuff, or something that is part of a set. Just have something in all your slots. Note, while leveling, try to wear a mix of armor weights so they all level up. Food can help, Blue for early levels, Purple for higher ones.

    Have a Class Skill and a Weapon skill on your bar at all times so you can get those leveled. Mix in a 5th skill to level up and use along the way. Once you get a skill to Morph stage, you may want to slot another one and get that to Morph rather than build the previous one all the way up. Save maxing your skills for later.

    World Bosses are not designed to be solo'd. Wait for other players to show up, or send out a Zone chat that such and such World Boss is up, people will show up, as they are farming dropped set items.

    Join a good guild, sometimes you can find one by running with a random player, sometimes from zone chat, sometimes from a thread on the boards here. You can always drop a guild, so don't worry about doing that. There is no black list unless you are a complete tool, and while there is still no list, word will get around if you just dump on everyone all the time. But, try a guild, then leave for whatever reason? No worries there.

    Delve Bosses you can solo, if your gear is decent (not the best, just decent) and you have some skills in your rotation. Its all about skills in the game, sometimes weaved in with Light or Heavy Attacks, sometimes just skill rotations. The rotation you use needs to make sense to you and your build, so it will be different for everyone. However, some skills will buff the next skill you use, or next set of skills you use, so maybe use that first. Some skills are Damage over Time, so apply those early, but don't spam them until you need to apply it again. Some skills are cheap cost damage dealers, so spam those, but not so quickly you use up your resources. Weaving in Light or Heavy Attacks, with or without animation canceling, can help.

    Finally, combat in this game requires you to be Mobile, Agile and Hostile. Move around, attack from advantage. Learn to Block, Dodge Roll, Interrupt (Bash), Stay out of Red etc, and you can soon take very little damage while in combat, at least most of the time.

    Good Luck.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • Lashiing
    lvl 1-50 = every level is about even, make sure your gear matches your level for max effectiveness
    cp 1-160 = you're gonna feel alot weaker
    cp 160+ = now you're gonna be making progress in leaps and bounds
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  • W0lf_z13
    some of the world bosses can be solod... they take a while to do though.... with the 1T update some of the WB's were turned into world group bosses,.the Golden Saint WB in stonefalls for example is one of the ones that got buffed to be more of a group boss....I like that the bosses got buffed though, it takes more time to beat them now instead of just walking up to them and just a couple of hits and its over
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  • Daganerabus
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