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I love the infinite load screens!

Really gives me time to think.
I'm a PVE roleplayer concerned about my vampires stage 4 skin tone and keep getting load screens so I came here to distract people from major issues with a rant thread about my characters cosmetic appearance.
  • akl77
    Yup, and I thought of many other games to play instead.
    PS4 pro NA
  • bellanca6561n
    Oh I agree, and I keep expecting someone to make a ten hour video of nothing but loading help folks relax.
  • abuniffpreub18_ESO
    I like when you finally get into the game and you move an inch and another load screen pops up so you wait til that goes away.

    And when the crown store advertisement is there and you click exit you get another load screen. I wish they would put a yes or no choice in options so you could choose if you want to see the crown store ads pop up.
  • outsideworld76
    These loading screens are worse then ever before. Bringen the issue to attention at CS always gets me the same reply:

    Thank you for contacting The Elder Scrolls Online team. Due to high ticket volume, we apologize for how long it has taken us to get back to you, and appreciate your patience.
    If your issue has been resolved, please be sure to provide feedback using our Customer Service Survey when it arrives in your inbox. If your issue has not been resolved, please respond back to this email so we can continue to assist you.
    Thank you again for your time and patience.
    Warm Regards,
    The Elder Scrolls Online Team"

    High ticket volume? How in the f... is that possible, I was told that this game was perfect and had zero flaws.
    Responding back results in no response, that's weird you guys ask me to respond if I still have an issue.

    Issues are, loading screen in PvP, horrible lag in PvP and customer service not taking issues serious/not being sincere.
  • Daganerabus
    Oh I agree, and I keep expecting someone to make a ten hour video of nothing but loading help folks relax.

    lol. Add some new music, call it Meditation.
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