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Looking for guild that encourages Duelling

I'm an old player returning to Tamriel, with new characters.
Pretty much all guilds I was in are either disbanded, kicked me, or were a trading guild that you could no longer call a trading guild (no guild trader, no chat, too few listings for a guild with +300 members, ...).
So I started clean and fresh. I already joined a lovely trading guild, and me and my friend are looking for that "Assassin's Creed" guild, to which I was invited to a couple weeks ago, but declined for I don't remember what reason.

In any case, I would also love to join a guild where members are encouraged to duel each other, where you can constantly find a guy who's willing to help into getting that perfect build, or just for fun. Anyone a member of a decent guild like this?
  • j_s
    I'm looking for the same and would appreciate an ingame invite. Cheers.
  • MipMip
    Colosseum is a large dueling guild where you will always find someone to spar with, and that also organizes tourneys... for an invite whisper @Synndrel (and you can refer to me, Mip or @mippp). Next tourney is up tomorrow Sat Dec 17 / Sun Dec 18 so hurry :)
    PC EU ∙ PC NA

    'My only complaint about ball groups is that there aren't enough of them. Moar Balls.'
    - Vilestride
  • Dracindo
    Xhuth! Missed it!
    But I will surely ask for my invite and see. Thanks!
  • lordhakai
    Message me in game @lordhakai on of my guilds I run is a pvp/pave guild and we are putting together a dueling tournament
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