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[PC/EU] Legendary Studios PvE / PvP & Trading Soon - Looking for friendly members any level/exp

Soul Shriven
Who we are and what we do
Legendary Studios is a Multi-Gaming gaming community that puts its members first to make sure its a fun, friendly and calm experience to play together and enjoy the games we play. We have come back to ESO due to the Tamriel One update and decided to properly go for a full guild of players all striving for a common cause, enjoying the game as much as possible alongside our daily Twitch Stream, YouTube and discord community forums/channels.
We love sharing our gaming exploits both in realtime and in edited videos with our community along the way and we really try our best to make an entertaining place for people to collectively join in and support every aspect of our community just as we support our idea to give as much time to our members as possible and make as great an experience as possible.
ESO Guild Info and Activities
We are currently focusing on the Ebonheart Pact Alliance but some of us have characters in all 3 alliances. So we welcome all players from any alliance. We only ask that you are mature and friendly to your fellow members. Also we are currently going through the quests/PvE gameplay but we do eventually intend to make this a PvP guild as well as a trading guild. So no matter your primary focus, we are on the way to all :) We are a group of noobs ourselves but we've been playing since Beta, we just haven't been constant players since then, so no matter what level you are you will be accepted into the guild just put your name down below and one of us will add you to the guild ASAP We cannot wait to meet you, get to know you and become great friends like many of our current members :) We will see you soon in Tamriel! We also have started doing Looting/Levelling Boost Parties! Where we create big trains of people during our Live Streams and run around an entire area and Farm materials, kill Group Bosses and do anything we can to grow together in game but also as a community dedicated to improving the experience of the game :)
If you have any further questions just ask below and as soon as one of us sees your post we will answer ASAP Links for forums/channels

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    Soul Shriven
    Updated post ;) Let me know if you would like an invite here, or join our discord and ask there :) See you soon!
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