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New Life Festival is practically unplayable on Playstation 4 Pro

Simply put, ZOS hasn't done anything to fix the crashing on PS4 Pro yet and the PS4 Pro can not handle the number of players that are at these quest locations for the New Life Festival. So far it is a 50/50 chance as to whether I'm able to reach the quest location and complete it before it blue screens once I get into these areas with 100+ people all standing around.
Edited by Twohothardware on December 16, 2016 1:38AM
  • akl77
    Yes, crashes twice as often now.
    PS4 pro NA
  • marcusthebearhunter
    why you even play on playstation evreyone nows its a *** system
    only way is ebonheart
    we are ebonheart the dragonborn coverd in the blood our enemies
    nord templar marcus the bearhunter
    breton healer marcus the healer
    nord warden marcus the bearkeeper
    imperial nightblade marcus the shadow walker
  • JimT722
    Except for the first few hours of the festival, I only crash once per character doing the festival quests. I however still crash very frequently when crafting, dyeing, or banking in high population areas. I have given up on Cyrodiil completely as I am lucky to play 15 minutes before blue screen.

    I have yet to try to run a dungeon since getting the pro because I'm concerned about crashing. Crashing also causes saved data for eso to occasionally become corrupt causing me to have to change my options again.

    Is this being worked on? Why hasn't this been made a top priority? No other game runs this badly on the Pro. Even Skyrim special edition runs most days without a single crash so I doubt it is the system.

    Edit: I finally had enough of crashing and decided to submit a ticket about it. They responded within like 10 minutes and they said they are aware of the crashing and are looking into it. I was surprised at the quick response.
    Edited by JimT722 on December 17, 2016 10:18PM
  • Daganerabus
    Is all of this ONLY happening with the ps4 Pro?
    What happened to the ps4 Pro allegedly being more powerful and capable of handling games and content?

    wow. Guess I BETTER HOLD OFF then, before purchasing the Pro!

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