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Can I please get help with a Stam. Sorc. DPS Dueling Build.

Soul Shriven
I need help with my Stam. Sorc. DPS. I'm a Redguard set up for PVE & rarely play PVP, but I want some advice for a good set up for Dueling that I can swap to when I feel like Dueling. I can hold my own against other players that are set up for PVE and win most the time. But I can definitely tell when I'm fighting someone set up for PVP, and I want to close that gap and be able to hold my own against true PVPers as well. Thank you for all the help and input!
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  • Sigtric
    What is your current set up?

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  • RouDeR
    You need atleast 2500 crit resists(full inpen set) and 18-20k hp (without battlespirit) if you r gonna use medium or 22-25k health with heavy armor , sorco is best with sword and shield for heavy (double bars or bow ) and fot medium i would go with 2hnd bow .
    Try to keep ur maximum stamina above 40k
    and your weapon dmg above 2.5k unbuffed.
    Also make sure to use dark deal as your secondary heal and resource manager .
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