NA Unexptected internal error Nov. 25th

Hi, I am on the NA server. I cannot log in to the game, receiving several different connection errors. Most recent was an 'unexpected internal error, please contact customer service at....'

Anyone else have this issue right now? Logged in about 20 minutes ago but the whole game world froze then kicked me off. Unable to get back on since.

Thank you.
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  • cobra6z
    Soul Shriven
    I can get in and load up to character select but then if i choose one of my characters it will load for 2 mins then crash saying, cannot connect to server. Please check for valid internet.
    I called xbox about it just to see if it was a known issue but thier excuse was black Friday madness basically.
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  • AlexDresden87
    I'm on the NA server. I'm currently having issues with this particular error. It will not allow me to login into the game.
  • Skinzz
    I got kicked 3 times already in an hour of playing and cant sign back on unless i force close the game.
    Anybody got a group? LFG, anybody? Hello?
  • unchainedzulu
    i've been kicked twice during dungeons in the last hour.
    first time was arx corinium. i got booted to desktop and had to port back into the dungeon.

    just now was 20% left of final boss for darkshade caverns. lucky for me, a level 19 (shout out for the low levels for a change!) had to finish the quest and i was able to come back and loot the boss because we were still in a group. otherwise i would have been removed from the instance and had to run it again.

    do i need to do a bug report in game as well??
  • unchainedzulu
    and again error 200 (7.4.426.597)
  • unchainedzulu
    and again error 108 (7.5.314.0)

    edit: and again error 200

    edit: and again error 108

    edit 21:06: quit game and the launcher that stays on in the background couldnt' load the 'news' until i closed and reopened.

    edit 21:17: this time i got error 315 (3.3.425.0) unable to connect to lobby) and i was able to chat in game but not to npc or mount horse

    edit 21:18 back to error 200 again.
    Edited by unchainedzulu on December 7, 2016 8:18AM
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