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Logout bug is hard on my PS4 (ZOS)

The fact that i have to close the game application everytime i have to change toons is ruining my disc drive. I had no sound comming from it before now my disc drive is making a louder noise everyday.

I really do not want to buy another ps4, yet if this matter stays unsolved i have to report it to Sony. Please fix i usually do not mind bugs and other things that in time gets resolved. In this case its not my Sony Playstation thats causing this issue if thier is a malfunction.

Also im probably not the only person that is experiencing this problem.

Im concerned about the integrity of Zenimax Online Studios to resolve this urgent matter to save you from consequences in the future that could possibly happen.

Thank you again and if thier is anybody else experiencing this please comment below.

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    You can log out using text chat..... Just type /logout in any chat channel.
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  • craftycarper73
    MIZRETH wrote: »
    You can log out using text chat..... Just type /logout in any chat channel.

    i tried that last night, and that didnt work, zos need to get this fixed asap, but there to busy counting the coin from cash crates no doubt.

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  • pattyLtd
    I agree it should be adressed immidiately.
    Howerver the logout through texf chat does work for now, im amazed how always something has to get broken with every single update.

    I had already replaced the harddisk recently on my first ps4 and now my new ps4 pro is also constantly crashing to the point that i already worry about its life span.

    I only play ESO and onlyhave eso and skyrim installed. If you're simply uncapable to fix it just let us now, so i can move on already lol.
    English is not my native language, no grammar police please, tyvm
  • Shokasegambit1
    The logout text chat does not work for me unfortunately. It does on another toon of mine but not the one i play with the most.
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  • ZOS_GregoryV
    Greetings everyone,

    We are aware that some players are having issues with logging out. We have closed this thread to help avoid cluttering the forums with the same issue, and for that we would like to request that you post in this thread here. Thank you for your understanding.
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