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Champion system help please

This might be a bit to read but please bear with me.

I recently came back to the game after a year or so. I had a vet character with around 150 CP. I started this time with a new toon and when I hit level 50, all my champion points were reflected. This is not the issue and it was expected. However, in the time I was absent from the game, new crafting materials were addded and a new individual level scaling was added when collecting those materials. This has left a huge gap in what I have for crafting and it seems that I will never get those materials unless I scout every trader in the realm for days of play time. Even creating a new hero won't help since I will be boosted to my current CP as soon as I hit lvl 50.

My question here is, can anyone tell me some way to obtain these materials without guild traders? (without a search feature the trading system is too time consuming).

I understand that I just need to pump more skill points into my crafting and I can make anything for my current CP but crafting for friends will be impossible and I also hate gaps. I'm a bit of a completionist and holes in my crafting inventory keep me up at night.
  • llllADBllll
    Until your crafting skill is maxed you will not be able to harvest max level nodes so to acquire them without buying them get all crafting to 50 unlock 10/10 in the passives then head to one of the starter islands Bleakrock, Stros M'Kai or the other one and harvest nodes.

    Since all nodes are scaled now you will need 10/10 to harvest end level materials for wood cloth and smithing.

    You will always harvest nodes to the max level your passive is at so if you want voidstone nightwood and shadowhide unlock 9/10 the one below 8/10

    Hope this helps.


    Tamriel Trading Company Guildmaster
  • MakeUcrazY
    Well as soon as I hit 50 I started collecting nothing but nightwood, star dew, etc... but my alchemy crafting at the time required cloud mist( or something like that) and I can't find any. I will need several more skill points to reach the crafting levels I need in order to use the materials available to me.
  • Lord Valar
    Lord Valar
    Good afternoon !
    Yeah, it's a good system but there still is some unclear points.
    You can gather some raw materials in different areas (it's not on the character level everytime). And, in the same way, when you're travelling, exploring some areas or public dungeons, you will have some chance to find or loot lower stuff from mobs or in bags, then you disassemble it.
    Good luck !
  • MakeUcrazY
    It's a little discouraging since I wanted to make new armor sets but can't find the materials for my crafting level and don't have the crafting level for my materials. Ah well. I will just keep farming the dropped sets. Thanks for the replies
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