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While standing in the vMA "lobby", does your completion time still tick?

Was just wondering how the completion time was calculated. I do sometimes stand in the lobby between stages and take a few minutes break, and was wondering if this counts against my time.

  • Lukums1
    Yes, it counts as soon as you start round 1 on stage 1 boom. It begins.

    I've been looking for the actual algorithm for weeks now there are some but still way off.

    Edited by Lukums1 on November 25, 2016 12:34AM
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  • FriedEggSandwich
    Starts as soon as you take the fiery portal to stage 1 and ends when the final boss dies. Any standing around in between those will increase your time and decrease your score.
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  • nordsavage
    Endurance is a factor so yes the timer keeps going.
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  • Syrani
    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the responses!
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