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Not receiving guild invites

I previously was in the specific guild that it's happening to. The leader and moderators have been sending me invites back upon my request but for some reason I'm not getting them. Is there an option to opt out of guild invites that I may have checked, and if so, how do I take this guild off that list? If not, how am I able to fix this?
PSN - Hawkthorne
ESO ID - Dc Hawk
Covenant - Daggerfall
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    If your on the PC, the No Thank You addon does have a way to autodecline or ignore Guild Invites.I don't think you can do that on the consoles.

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  • Hawkthorne
    I'm on PlayStation 4 and so far it really only seems to be happening to this one guild. I know they are sending the invites so I'm not sure what the issue is currently to be honest.
    PSN - Hawkthorne
    ESO ID - Dc Hawk
    Covenant - Daggerfall
  • partzs
    How many guilds are you currently part of? You can only have 5. The other thing is if you have any pending invites in the notifications section to other guilds you will not see the invites. You need to accept or reject the invites.
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