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game keeps crashing

whether i start dying armour/talk to undaunted npc for pledges or just every now and then general random game freezes whilst my xbox makes a buzzing noise...then the game crashes and I have to restart...this problem is starting to extract the urine and i getting to the point of considering cancelling my subscription.
this is simply not good enough...three times tonight this has happened, twice at the dye table.
I'm trying to ignore the bloody terrible lag and that a quest points me to enter a building yet when i try to open the door a message BLOODY WELL tells me its not in reach or the fact I try to talk to a npc and have to walk around him for 2 minutes in order for the diaglogue option to finally pop up...those are just about doable ...but...and i mean but...crashing me out of the games several times a session is NOT ACCEPTABLE!
Ever since the last big update this crashing has been a problem for me, please look into this quickly or im outta of this game for good!
  • Hekaterin
    Same on PC, random constant crashes all the time for no apparent reason.
    EU / NA | PC | EP
  • Moonthirsty
    Soul Shriven
    This tends to happen to me when I use a crafting station. Not every time, but enough that I have started playing another game until it's fixed. Easily once an hour unless I'm away from the craft stations for much longer. It started with one of the Witch's Festival patches. buzzzzz, then crash to xbox1 dash.
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