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[3D Art] Detailed Armory and Weaponry


First I'll make a small description about myself: I'm 19 and I currently study second year on videogame design (general), but I've been doing mods for videogames since I was nine. I've always loved videogames, playing or modding. Whenever I install a new game the first thing I do is check the files, see what can I do with it. I've done mods for many games, including Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout NV and Fallout 4. Lately I'm working on developing virtual reality stuff with Unity and Unreal Engine. But now and then I like to make 3D models either for my mods or practice.

In PAX West I saw the Tailoring in ESO panel, and I was so amazed at Tatiana Malinko's work. I spoke in the chat and gave her my sincere opinion about her incredible work, as I also work with ZBrush (a program she uses for sculpting in 3D) from time to time, and I would love to sculpt like she does. So she said that I should keep practising, that's what I'm doing now. So I want to thank Tatiana for her words, and the devs in general, as they made me change my mind on about my studies.

I'm currently working on a few mods for Skyrim, but I wanted to do something more amazing as a challenge for myself, so I decided to start a project: make ESO armors and weapons detailed, high poly or low poly does not matter, just make them the best I can do. And that's why I make this post. I would like to show you the pieces I've achieved until now, that I'm proud of. I hope you like them. I'll post some screenshots, but also the Sketchfab link so you can see them in 3D.

Helmet: (Can't give Sketchfab link yet)



Sword: (Not too happy with this one, but anyway...)

For now those are all the ones that are currently weapons and armors in ESO. Then I made my own versions of a few things, and based others into ESO too. I made these two for a friend, the weapons of her characters in RP:

Akatosh Bow (Based off Pact Style bow):


I use the following programs for all this, depends on how the model is though: Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush and Marmoset Toolbag.

I hope you like my work, I'll update the post as I go making more stuff. It will take a while to get all the armory and weaponry tho :)
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[EU-EP-PC] @Kynes_Peace

Hjalmar Bear-Heart - Main, Stamina Warden
Svari Wild-Hawk - Magicka Nightblade
Hulda the Wild - Stamina Warden
Hjalmar War- Shield - Stamina Nightblade
Greg the Witchman - Magicka Necromancer
Cassius Gallus - Stamina Templar
Duach the Crow - Stamina Sorcerer
Nari War-Shield - Magicka Templar
Hronvir Winter-Winds - Magicka Warden
Throdar Ice-Bear - DK something
Zuna Ice-Bear - Magicka DK
  • WillhelmBlack
    Cool shinies!
    PC EU
  • DisgracefulMind
    These are really neat! Nice work!
    Unfortunate magicka warden main.
    PC/NA Server
    Fairweather Friends
    Retired to baby bgs forever. Leave me alone.
  • FerrumnCutem
    These look.........
    Real dank, nice job.
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